Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Samsung PC Studio Now Available for Download

Samsung is one of the best phone manufacturers over the world. It arrives each time with new apparatus with state of the art characteristics and technical specifications. For making batter, the management of applications, Samsung has evolved some application for a better likelihood to organise all submissions from your Samsung apparatus.

Today we will introduce you a complete submission entitled Samsung PC Studio. This application permits you to synchronize associates, calendar, emails, assists you to organise and transfer documents, furthermore with it can back up your data stored into your device internal or SD business card recollection.

Samsung PC Studio submission is also a mighty device when you want to establish submissions, rip audio CDs, copy distinct melodies or videos documents exactly on your smartphone and all this only with a couple of clicks from you.

When you download and use the submission for the first time, its interface lacks the easy-of-use, and you need to familiarize a bit with the icons and the place where the choices are.

All its purposes are listed under the File list, but still, the submission has an own style to present its characteristics and options.

Samsung PC Studio’s backgrounds offer many choices such as `Automatic alteration choices` and Audio/Video alteration formats which is a prominent feature that allow you to select formats and value for different type of audio format.

Even if the programs is not flawless, Samsung PC Studio offers a entire set of devices which are required for various activities that you do generally with your Samsung phone.

Connection manager:
· Allows you to select the connection type for PC to Phone connection.
· The connection types: USB, Bluetooth, Infrared or Serial.

Manage messages:
· Manage short messages and multimedia messages.

Manage contacts and more:
· Allows you to retrieve personal information saved in the Phone, such as phonebook and organizer and to add new data or delete and edit the saved data.

· Allows you to synchronize personal information data saved in the Phone and the data saved in the PC's personal information management program.

Transfer files:
· Allows you to browse multimedia files saved in the Phone in the windows browser and to download files or to upload PC files to the Phone.

Manage internet connections:
· Allows you to access the Internet using the connected Phone as a modem device.

Compose multimedia messages:
· Compose your own multimedia message and send through your phone.

Drag & Drop:
· All the selected contents can be easily transferred among widgets and icons on the screen by Drag & Drop

Easy Start:
· Easy Start runs automatically when a mobile phone is connected to New PC Studio.
· It helps you step-by-step transfer or synchronize content among PC and mobile phone.

Update music information:
· Update various music information like artist, genre, Review and etc. on Media Manager widget.

Share content on the web site (To Web):
· Post content of photos and videos to the web sites such as Flickr and YouTube by Drag&Drop.

With this application, you can easily update music information for your favorite artists, song name, and review and so on. This it is possible by using Media Manager widget. Also, Samsung PC Studio application allow you to share content to the web, you can post different content, photos and video on the sites as Flickr or YouTube.
To download the Samsung PC Studio app use the link from below

Download Samsung PC Studio

For using the Samsung PC Studio Application, minimum requirements are  Windows based PC with Pentium 600 MHz processor or higher CPU, minimum 512 MB RAM memory, 200 MB free hard storage, USB cable or Bluetooth and DirectX 9 or higher.
Note: For installing the Samsung PC Studio app you need to install it such as Administrator.


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