Monday, 5 August 2013

Android Device Manager, Google’s Find My Phone Service

A couple of days ago Google announced an Android feature that was missing from the operating system and which all the users have been waiting for. Google have acknowledged that there wasn’t any integrated “lost phone” app, which would let users to block, locate, wipe, or manage lost handsets, and finally came up with one.

The new application is named Android Device manager, and according to some Reddit and XDA users, it has already started to roll out. The function is included in the Google Play Services meaning that it will be installed automatically on all handsets that run Android 2.2 and above.
In case you want to verify if the application has been added to your Android phone or tablet, you can manually check for it by heading to Settings > Security. If the functionality has been added, then you should open the section named Device Administrators. In the section you should find Android Device Manager, but also other alike applications if you have any.

Some of the Reddit users have even posted screenshots of Android Device Manager, and even though people were worried that the feature will be available in the US exclusively, there have been reports saying ADM is being rolled out in different regions of the world. It seems that Android Device Manger will be pushed worldwide, but if you aren’t patient enough to wait for it, you can manually download the new Play Services APK from Android Police. However, the website specifies that there will probably more that one Play Services APKs and it’s recommended that the update should be done via Play Store once it’s available in your region. Nonetheless, the downloadable apk won’t cause you any trouble, the worst case scenario would be for it to not be optimized for your handset.

If you don’t know the benefits that come along with the app, Android Device Manager allows users to remotely locate, wipe, block, and even ring their smartphones or tablets on case they get stolen or lost. The user has to log in to a web application on his Google account. Of course, some of you may already use such apps like Cerberus, for instance, functionality which has been available for Android OS for a long time. Nevertheless, Android Device Manager will be available for all Android users, without the need of installing third-party applications on their devices.

Android Device Manager should hit your handset soon enough, although it could take even a couple of weeks for some users. Usually, these kinds of releases start slow, and this is because the developers want to solve the possible issues the software might have and they need to do that before releasing the app to the majority of users.



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