Friday, 2 August 2013

Download Google AdSense App for Android

The Adsense platform for Android is now accessible for download for all Android-based devices. Google is the large-scale source of revenue when we are talking about the internet advertising, and as you understand that the AdSense stage is a big part of that. With Google AdSense permits the world wide web content proprietors to organise their ads and performances.

So, this new application from Google permit you to get access to your Google AdSense account data and with a client amicable interface you can easily organise your Adsense account exactly from your Android device. 

With new AdSense app for Android,  you can access your Adsense account, to custom your channels, your ad units, to see various reports and of course the payment alerts.

The application was made available for Android 4.0 and newer Android-based devices, unfortunately this first AdSense version app is not available for all Android-based devices, but in the future we are waiting to support numerous Android devices and old Android versions.

AdSense app for Android is at the version 1.0, but it is expected to come with  improved and more features shortly, as Google always did for other applications.

Did you install the new  Google AdSense for Android application? What can you say about this?


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