Thursday, 15 August 2013

Download SwiftKey Beta Cloud for Android

SwiftKey for Android replaces your device’s on-screen keyboard to help you type in an easier, faster and less frustrating way.

The app is packed full of features to help you type, from the award-winning prediction engine that learns how you write to predict your next word, to SwiftKey Flow, which lets you write whole phrases without lifting a finger.

SwiftKey is one of the best-selling Android apps in the world. In 2012, it spent more days as Google Play’s No.1 paid download than any other app.

SwiftKey 4 introduces support for SwiftKey Flow, the world’s most powerful gesture input technology for tracing words and phrases on a touchscreen.

SwiftKey Flow combines the mind-reading capabilities of SwiftKey’s personalized prediction engine with the speed and style of gliding your finger across the screen.

It analyzes a user’s input from the moment they start to ‘flow’ a word, offering real-time predictions. Users can even ‘flow’ entire phrases without lifting their finger, simply by gesturing to the space bar.

SwiftKey now supports 60 languages plus you can juggle three at a time.

SwiftKey uses powerful technology to figure out where spaces may have been missed across multiple words of sloppy typing. So ‘lijwrjis’ gives you ‘like this’ in the prediction bar.

SwiftKey lets you pick the color scheme and theme that suits you best. From Android-style Holo to the playful Pumpkin, there’s a theme to match your device and your style.

SwiftKey for smartphone:

SwiftKey for tablet:


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