Friday, 2 August 2013

Galaxy S4 Air Call Accept Feature for almost any Android model

One of the cool air-gesture which Samsung Galaxy S4 comes is called air call-accept, this new feature lets you easily answer to all your incoming calls with a simple waving gesture with your hand over the smartphone screen.

So, with the air call-accept feature an incoming call can be answered without the Android owner of the smartphone touching the phone or the smartphone s screen, for answering a call the user merely swipes his hand over the screen where the infrared sensor is located in the next to the earpiece speaker, and the Android based smartphone will respond appropriately.

Now the Air Call Accept application can be downloaded and installed on any Android based device, and you don’t need to have a Samsung Galaxy S4 to use it. It is a free application which can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, the only one condition for using the Air Call Accept app is that your device to be featured with a proximity sensor and you’ll be able to use your Android device to answer at the phone exactly how the Galaxy S4 does.

The Air Call Accept application is available from the Google Play Store for all the Android based devices, which are running Android 1.6 or higher with a proximity sensor.

Download: Air Call-Accept for Android on the Google Play Store

There, in the Google Play Store is both a paid version for this app and one a free one. The Air Call Accept paid version gives you some supplementary options such as the possibility to ignore a call, turn on the speakerphone option automatically when you respond to the smartphone, or to send an email when you decide to reject a call for different reasons.



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