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How To Update Galaxy S I9000 to Android 4.3 using Paranoid-Android 3.99 custom ROM with HALO 2.0

Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 can now be updated to latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean operating system via ParanoidAndroid V3.99 custom ROM. During this step by step guide,  we will teach you how manually flash the ParanoidAndroid V3.99 custom ROM on Galaxy S GT-I9000, thanks to XDA Developers senior member named SferaDev.

The new release of ParanoidAndroid comes is based on the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean platform, and also provide a stable JB experience.

It also comes with numerous bug-fixes and new features such as Halo multitouch UI, ParanoidOTA: fix french strings,Fixes to Tabui crashes, Reordered settings, Halo performance improvements, Halo fixes with flips, Halo multitouch improvements, Fix layout on Incoming Calls for small devices, Enable custom actions for double-tap home and more.

  • All the instructions listed in this step by step tutorial and this ParanoidAndroid v3.99 custom ROM are meant for Samsung Galaxy SGT-I9000 (international version) only. To make sure that the Galaxy device is the correct one, verify its device model number from the following path: Settings > About Phone.
  • Now, backup all your important data stored into device’s internal memory using suitable backup and restore tools from Google Play Store, also use the custom recovery images like CWM and TWRP and create a complete backup for the actual device’s ROM.
  • Download and install the correct USB drivers for the Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 smartphone
  • Enable the USB debugging mode from Settings > Developer Options (for Android 4.0 or later) and Settings >Applications> Development (for Android 2.3 or earlier). If Galaxy S device runs under Android 4.2 then go to Settings > About Phone, select Build Number by scrolling down, tap on the device’s Build Number seven times and you’ll unlock the hidden Developer Options located under the Settings menu, from there select the USB debugging mode checkbox to enable the USB debugging mode, this option is under Settings > Developer Options.
  • Charge enough the device’s battery, there it’s recommended being more than 80 % power left.
  • Make sure that the Galaxy S device is not locked to a specific mobile carrier and it is an unlocked device.
  • Ensure the device is rooted, and it has a custom recovery image as CWM Recovery.
  •  All instructions listed in this guide are meant for educational and instructional purpose only. We (Android Source) team will not be responsible or held liable for any data lost or in case you’ll brick or damage your device applying this guide. All users are advices to proceed this guide at their own risk.
How to Update Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000( International Version)  to Android 4.3 Jelly Bean via ParanoidAndroid v3.99 custom ROM
  1. Firstly download the ParanoidAndroid v3.99 ROM file based on Android 4.3 for Samsung Galaxy S GT-I9000 device, and save it in your PC.
  2. Secondly, download Google App for the device and save it on the PC.
  3. Now, connect the Galaxy S device and mount its USB mass storage on PC using the USB cable.
  4. Next, move (Copy and Paste) the downloaded ParanoidAndroid v3.99 custom ROM zip and the Google Apps zip files to root folder on Galaxy S device’s SD card.
  5. Turn off the device completely.
  6. Disconnect the device from PC by removing the USB cable from PC.
  7. Boot the device into Recovery Mode. To do that, press and keep holding the Volume UP + Home+ Power buttons simultaneous and follow all the instructions from the screen to enter recovery mode.
  8. From the main menu of CWM recovery perform  full data wipe action by selecting the Wipe Data / Factory Reset option. NOTE: If your device is running under a previous build of ParanoidAndroid ROM, skip this step.
  9. After the wipe process is completely done, perform a Wipe Cache Partition.
  10. Now, after the wipe cache partition is done, select Wipe Dalvik Cache from Advance option. (Note: This task will prevent the custom ROM related errors or device to enter into a boot loop).
  11. After the wipe tasks are completely done, return your device to main recovery menu.
  12. From the main recovery menu select Install Zip from SD card, then
  13. Once wipe process is done, return to main recovery menu and select Choose Zip from SD card.
  14. Now, browse and locate the copied ParanoidAndroid v3.99 ROM file and flash it by confirming its installation.
  15. Once the installation custom ROM process is done repeat the previous three steps for flashing the Google Apps and choose “No” when recovery asks for disable recovery flash.
  16. Wait until the Google Apps is completely installed, and then choose “+++++Go Back+++++” to return in the main menu of Recovery menu.
  17. Now, from the main menu of Recovery Mode select reboot system now.
  18. The Galaxy S device will get a restart, and it will boot running the new Android 4.3 based ParanoidAndroid v3.99 ROM firmware.
  19. Verify the firmware flashed version following the next path: Settings > About Phone
If you want to learn more about this new custom ROM, please visit our source link from here.
If the Samsung Galaxy S device is stuck at booting or it is entering into a boot loop issue then perform Wipe Cache Partition and Wipe Dalvik Cache few more times and after that reboot the device.
  • After the new custom ROM is installed allow it to stabilize for five minutes before you begin to use the device again.
  • Note: into the Recovery Mode menu, use volume buttons to navigate between the menu options and Power to select desired option.



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