Tuesday, 20 August 2013

TIPS: How to Run or Emulate Java Applications on Windows PC

Java apps have created a wonderful past with their amazing games and pranky apps, well people who are still upgrading to modern devices like iOS and Android still have that same feeling about getting all those apps right on their device. Windows PC by just installing a simple emulator tool that will load all your .jar files and allow you to play them.

Play Java Games on Windows PC

Well now playing all those game gets easier by using KE Emulator tool for Windows PC, well this emulator simply allows you to load any .jar files and then use them accordingly. You also have the option to change the keys and other controls.

So now as you see from the above image how this emulator looks like, so I have just loaded the UC Browser and it works fine, well I faced some jerky navigation but still it was good, so now follow below steps to see how to use this emulator.

Make sure your have Java Runtime Environment installed on your PC else this might not work properly on your computer.
  1. Download KE-Emulator Tool.
  2. Now just extract the .zip package and you will find one .exe file, Install It.
  3. Now your KE Emulator is installed just double click it and Run it.
  4. You will see tool like above, now just go to Midlet > Load jar…
  5. Now navigate to your .jar file and open it up.
  6. That's it now your app or game will load and run.
  7. Now remember you can even change the control settings anytime by going to View mode and changing settings.
  8. Now if you download anything through this Emulator then all your downloads will be saved in C: > Program Files > JavaEmulator > KeEmulator > File > Root.

 Cheers .... Enjoy.




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