Sunday, 11 August 2013

Twitter 4.1.4 for Android Now Available

The new taste of Twitter arrives with a mighty new characteristic; it encompassed in this version a login verification method. There is a new pattern of two-factor authentication for your Twitter account, for this option you can opt to put it turned on and organised directly from the app.

Moreover, the new Twitter app arrives with a new modality to view photographs in search outcomes; this new gallery view characteristic is accessible by “View more photos” option.

Furthermore, the Twitter 4.1.4 add an advanced general search capabilities, and it arrives furthermore to explain a kind of bugs and matters discovered of its predecessor versions.

The major feature, as I said before is the Login verification turned on characteristic, which can double-check that the Twitter users’ anecdotes are safer than with the older versions.

According to Twitter blog, the new type utilising push messaging and in-application approvals does not need to Android client to provide a phone number to use login verification. If the user has multiple Twitter anecdotes and want to organise them, but it only has one teletelephone number, then it can now select to use all of them into login verification. 

Other notable feature that the new version of Twitter app comes is that the Broader international support, now all that you need to have for a login verification is an internet connection, the old login verification via SMS has been supported through specified mobile carriers over the world, but that method didn’t cover all the users.

Now, the backup codes which are generated by the application can be stored, or written down in a safe place and Twitter’s users can access their Twitter account event if they lose them smartphone.

When a new login request is made, immediately will be displayed more context as browser details, and the appropriate location straight in the application. Alos, If you’ll receive an approval request from someone, you may be getting phished. For more information about how you can keep your Twitter account secure, review  


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