Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Coin Dozer 6.7 app apk for Android available with NEWEST PUZZLE

Step right up, ladies and gents, for the virtual version of the addictive arcade penny pusher you’ve spent hours playing at the carnival! One of most-played free games of all time, Coin Dozer puts the fun in your hands. Drop gold coins onto the dozer to push piles of cash and prises your way—don’t forget the special coins to help you out! Be careful, though: don’t doze your prizes off the side! Each prize line you complete unlocks a unique bonus to help you get even MORE prizes and coins!

That’s not all! Watch out for the puzzle pieces! Each piece gets you closer to completing a unique scene, with a special reward when you finish! Unlock them all and try other Game Circus titles to see the whole carnival! If you run out of coins, no worries: more will fill your virtual pockets
Coin Dozer includes:
- Impressive 3D graphics
- 44 Prizes to collect
- Amazingly realistic physics
- Special coins and prizes
- Multiple puzzles
- Special effects

The Coin Dozer game for Android is simple, you should drop coins down the chute and also you need to push other coins into the bucket.  The collected coins will be used for helping push bigger prizes or to replenish your coin supply. The game is a repetitive game but when you’re playing is fun and exciting.

Download Coin Dozer 6.7 app apk for Android


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