Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tips - How to Use Android Emulator on PC Complete Guide

If you’ve ever thought of emulating an Android device on your PC, for either playing games that are otherwise incompatible with your current mobile device or for Android development and app testing, you may have looked into the Android emulator.

Step 1: Download the Android Emulator
Go to Android website and download the Software Development Kit (SDK). You can select from 3 packages, Windows, Mac and Linux. After you download the .zip file extract all files to which ever location you desire. Then open the folder and double click on SDKSetup.exe.
A black window will appear, wait about 30 seconds after this appears.

Step 2: Refresh Sources
After you finished downloading and opened the SDKSetup.exe, a window should automatically appear that will begin downloading some files, if you get an error message that starts with
Failed to fetch URL https://…
What you need to do to fix this is:
1) Close the Refresh Sources window
2) Cancel the “Choose Packages to Install” window (if you see it)
3) Click on “Settings” located on the left hand side/menu
4) Check the checkbox down the bottom that says “Force https://…”; also if there is a save button click it, if not, don’t worry about clicking any save button
5) Close the entire program and restart your computer then restart the SDKSetup.exe again

Step 3: Start Android Emulator: SDKSetup.exe
Once you have restarted your computer and re-clicked on SDKSetup.exe you should be able to download some files from the Refresh Sources window. If not, close the window and click on “Available Packages” then click refresh button.
Step 4: Select Packages for Android Emulator to run
You will see a checkbox with a globe/earth icon next to it, click on it, it will drop down a list of other checkboxes, select all checkboxes. Then click “Install Selected”, wait approximately 5 – 15 minutes to finish installing.

Step 5: Create Android Virtual Device
Click on “Virutal Devices” link on the left hand menu. Then do the following:
1) Click “new”
2) Enter a name, can be anything
3) Select “target”, select the one with the highest level, e.g. Level 7
4) Enter in SD Card section the “size”, enter 512
5) Click “Create AVD”

Step 6: Start Android Emulator
Click on the “Virtual Devices” link on the left menu, then select an AVD from the list (you create the name for the AVD in the previous step). Now click the “start” button. Wait until you see the emulator/phone appear, and then click the “menu” button, if a message pops up click “force”.
So, thats how to use the android emulator. If you want to install apps please see the video below:



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