Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Why You Fail As a Blogger - How To Avoid It

Blogging is about sharing things you are good at, or at least you’re enthusiastic about. Whether you are a web designer, web developer, a writer, an online marketer, or someone else who doesn’t have a blog yet, or has one but has failed quite miserably, then you definitely need to know why it failed.

Most people after reading/hearing an income report from a popular blogger’s blog, they finally come to the conclusion that they’ve found a high paying and nice career to prepare for retirement, . Blogging is quite an interesting career no doubt, but is not a get rich quick scheme.That is the reason most of these new blogs failed.

If you have a blog, or is thinking of starting one, you should have at least a basic understanding of how the internet works.It can help you go a long way in your blog. You can learn lots of stuff, and this helps you develop a strategy and blogging pattern that would boost your blog in the long run.

Enjoy What You do As A Blogger
Bloggers have to enjoy what they’re doing.

Bloggers have to post consistently if they want to have a blog that people actually follow, but most people find this out and can no longer cope with the stress involved and they back out. If you want to venture into blogging, then you must make time for it unless you wish your blog to become a failure.

This is possibly the common problem for those who make research online looking for income earning opportunities. Of course, I was a victim of this in my early blogging days. If you are not focused on a particular niche and dedicate all your efforts towards it, you will end up being ‘Jack of all trade and master of none!”
Becoming a successful blogger requires carefully choosing something you are passionate about and would not quit even if it seems you are not getting result at the onset. So, in the blogging world, the rule of thumb is to start with just one blog in your specialized area and grow the blog to success before thinking of a second niche and blog.

Many posts will require research.  Research can be painstaking, frustrating, and time consuming.  Setting up links, choosing photos, SEO, proofreading, and promoting are also a part of publishing.  It’s not a walk in the park.  A post can easily take 2-6 hours to produce, and longer in some cases.  It’s a time investment that many don’t realize.

Have a wonderful blogging...... Cheers


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