Monday, 7 October 2013

BBM for Android now available for beta testing

The Canadian company reports that a new BlackBerry application for Android on the beta version has been released for a selected part of the beta test users, CrackBerry claims. Black Berry fixed with this version most of the existent bugs form the previous versions, and now the new beta version is available to be tested.

In the same time the majority of users will still have to wait, this new beta release is a sign that the BBM developer’ team are working for give a stable and final solution for all Android-based device regarding with the new BBM application for Android.

The new beta application comes with some changes, improvements and normal bug fixes. In additional,  it brings with some tweaks and visual changes. There a new welcome screen and the option to disable the persistent notification in the status bar are available also. Moreover, the UI graphical has received some more improvements.

As expected the Canadian company no mention when exactly the new BBM application for Android will be released for all users, but we think that it shouldn’t take more time to complete the tests with this actual beta application. We’ll keep you in the loop with more information about the new BBM application for Android.


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