Thursday, 26 December 2013

Update Galaxy S3 I9300 to Official Android 4.3 XXUGMK6 Jelly Bean Firmware

The European Samsung Galaxy S3 device has just received the new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean OTA firmware. The new update is named XXUGMK6 firmware, and during this step by step guide I will teach you an easily method about how manually flash this new Android 4.3 XXUGMK6 Jelly Bean OS on Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 device.
This new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean XXUGMK6 firmware comes as a stable OS without bugs or reported issues. The firmware comes to solve some bugs existent on the previous version and also with this new firmware users can enjoy the latest new applications, features, capabilities available on the latest Android 4.3 Jelly Bean System.
The new update is specially developed to run faster and to increase the battery life; also you’ll be able to experience improved performances, better web browsing features and more.
This firmware is official software and not a modified kernel or a custom ROM. So, the software will add all stock and pure Android Jelly Bean features and functionality because it comes with all stock features and applications.
When install an official update you don’t need to have a rooted device or a custom recovery image installed on it.
This step by step guide can be safely used for Galaxy S3 rooted devices and with a custom recovery image flashed on them. After the update will be flashed on the device the root access will be revoked, the custom recovery image will be replaced with a stock recovery and the bootloader will be relocked.
Also, by installing  stock firmware the warranty of the device will be restored and you’ll be able to fix the S3 device if it was damaged by applying a custom ROM.
  • In order to install the official firmware file on S3 device then you need to use ODIN application that is a specially designed tool by Samsung for these kinds of operations.
  • A Windows-based PC is necessary to install ODIN application on it.
  • Also, you need to uninstall or disable the security applications such as Antivirus, Antimalware and Firewall that are running on your PC.
  • Ensure that the device’s battery status has more than 60 % power left for keeping the Galaxy S3 opened during the flashing procedure of Android 4.3 Jelly Bean (XXUGMK6) firmware.
  • Backup all the data that is saved on the device’s internal storage memory of the S3 smartphone. So, backup all important data for you including your SMS, call logs, sync your contacts, the EFS folder, market applications, call logs and all your personal documents, images and videos.
  • Remember that this Android 4.3 XXUGMK6 Jelly Bean firmware has been released by Samsung for its Galaxy S3 model number I9300. So, do not use the same for any other incorrect device you can end up by bricking or damage the smartphone.

How to flash the official Android 4.3 Jelly Bean XXUGMK6 firmware on Samsung Galaxy S3 I9300 device

  1. First of all, download the firmware file (Android 4.3 Jelly Bean XXUGMK6) update from here and save it on the PC.
  2. Now, unzip the downloaded file on desktop.
  3. Next download ODIN application, unzip it and install the same on the PC.
  4. Download and install the suitable Galaxy S3 drivers on your PC, for that you can use the Samsung KIES application that will install the drivers automatically.
  5. Now, open the ODIN app on your PC and power off the S3 device.
  6. Reboot the device into Download Mode. To do this on Samsung Galaxy S3 device the download mode is accessible by pressing the Power, Home and Volume Down buttons simultaneous.
  7. With the Galaxy S3 device booted on download mode and the ODIN application running on the computer, by using the USB cable connect the device to the PC.
  8. Now, the ODIN app should recognize the smartphone and if everything works well the ODIN app will say “added” message and the ID:COM section must be colored yellow or blue.
  9. If not then you need to close the ODIN application, disconnect the device from PC and reinstall the USB drivers for S3 once again and then repeat the tutorial from the beginning.
  10. Now, from ODIN application click on “PDA” button.
  11. Browse and pick the Android 4.3 Jelly Bean firmware file.
  12. From ODIN application you need to press on START button.
  13. Wait until the installing operation is done and the ODIN application will display the “pass” message and the ID:COM section will turn green.
  14. Disconnect the device from PC by safely unplug the USB cable.
  15. Reboot the device.


If The S3 device might get stuck you need to:
  • Boot the device into recovery mode
  • From the recovery mode select “Wipe data factory reset” and then “Wipe cache partition”.
  • Return into main menu of Recovery Mode and select “Reboot System now”.
If the ODIN might get stuck then you need to:
  • Close the ODIN application
  • Disconnect the device from the PC by removing the USB cord.
  • Reinstall the USB drivers once again.
  • Force restarts the SGS3 device.
  • Repeat the installation process from starting.
That’s all you’ve successfully learned how manually install the new Android 4.3 Jelly Bean update XXUGMK6 OS on Samsung Galaxy S3 device.



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