Friday, 28 March 2014

Did You Know Malware uses your Android device’s battery and helps scammers to dig for cryptocurrency

Google Play team about a new Android malware family with crypto currency mining capabilities, identified as ANDROIDOS_KAGECOIN. HBT. This is implicated in the digging for several digital currencies, like Bitcoin, Degocoin and Litecoin.

This can cause short battery life, extended damage and tear to the users devices.

ANDROIDOS_KAGECOIN first was found as repacked copies of apps like Football Manager Handheld or TuneIn Radio that were included with the CPU mining code from a reliable Android crypto currency opening app. This code is based on the cpuminer software.

The cybercriminal changed the Google Mobile Ads part of the app, to cover the malicious code.
The coin-mining apps were found inside the apps like Songs and Prized from Google Play Store that have being downloaded by many users.

You can read all the information regarding this issue on the TrendLabs Security Intelligence Blog.

Users may consider installing a protection app like AVG, Lookout, Avast, or whatever of the other authorized malware-scanning tools for Android.



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