Saturday, 29 March 2014

How to Unlock Your Mobile Phone Without Flashing - Tips

Flashing of mobile phones automatically reduces the live-span of the cell phone i.e the phone not last as long it was meant to.But here is a simple ideal on how to unlock your java phone without flashing it.But before i do so,you must have your phone serial number by dialing *#06# after doing so Click Here

Where you will be asked to  enter your phone serial number which you obtain from the code i gave to you above.After doing so by entering your serial number,Your phone Master code will appear on your phone screen which will enable you gain access to your mobile phone. 

You can only use this master code to change your security code and restore default factory settings. This code works for only DMCT phones only.But below is where i will teach you how to unlock your java mobile phones.

When your phone is locked,just enter your emergency number which you can generate from your service provider.After doing so, Dial your emergency number, while you are communicating,quickly click on your menu button and browse through your security settings and quickly turn off the automatic key guard and reset the time that's all. Don't forget to drop your testimony.

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