Saturday, 29 March 2014

Tips- How to Enter Download Mode on LG G2

One of the most powerful Android based device, LG G2 is now on the market, and its owners are looking for improve its performances. So, if you have an LG G2 device and you want to optimize and customize it then you need to know some basic operations such as entering into Download Mode.
So, if you need to know how to enter Download Mode on LG G2 device then you can follow the next step by step instructional guide.
All the operations to enter into download mode are simple, and you should be able to do this without any difficulties.
Moreover, this process includes basic operations and you don’t have need to be an advanced Android user to perform the same.
As you probably know this, to enter into download mode is necessary and required for different operations when you want to install different new firmware available for your device by using your PC. Furthermore, the download mode is necessary when you want to install a custom recovery image or if you want to have root rights on your device. So, for numerous users the modality to enter into Download Mode is a must have knowledge.
Note that the next step by step guide is compatible with LG G2 device only, and do not try to use the same for any other similar devices, you can end up the operation by bricking or damage your device.

How to Enter Download Mode on LG G2 (STEP BY STEP GUIDE).

  1. Turn off the smartphone before beginning the step by step guide. For making this press power button from your device and then select “power off”.
  2. Now, press the volume up on the device.
  3. While the volume up button is holding, take the USB cable and plug in the device.
  4. Now, keep the Volume up button pressed until the Download Mode is being to be displayed.
  5. Now, the device will start to install some drivers, and for this action it will take around 10 minutes to complete. So, you need only to wait and to let the device to install the suitable drivers.
  6. Important, when you’ll update the LG G2 device by using the Download Mode, do not remove the USB cord while the installation process is in progress as you can end up the process by bricking the device.
  7. Next, you can return to the LG G2 Android OS by pressing the power button.
  8. Keep pressing the power button until the LG logo will be displayed.
  9. Now, you can safety disconnect the USB cable.
Congratulation, you have successfully learned how to enter in LG G2 Download Mode.



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