Saturday, 5 April 2014

Download FireChat App For Android Devices Via Play Store

FireChat one new interesting communications products is now available for Android. FireChat app came out for iPhones in March and now we have a version available for Android. It is not another standard messaging application.

FireChat is a hyperlocal chat that enables devices to connect direct to each other, without needing a WiFi hotspots or mobile networks. As long as two or a group of devices can connect one to another in a small space, utilizing Bluetooth or WiFi connection, they will be able to chat.
The app behaves like a local chatroom. You just choose a username without a password required and you can chat to anyone who is nearby.

Many will think that outside the limited cases as in a subway area where there is no network coverage, FireChat does not matter.

However let’s think when networks are not available or are blocked, or when Twitter is forbidden by your country’s politics, you can communicate using FireChat.

Now devices with FireChat can interact only with other devices they can connect to direct working their Bluetooth or WiFi, in a limited area. However, the team that makes FireChat also makes networking technology, in which devices are interacting with one another can also reach along data for other devices. Chat messages can jump from one device through other devices before ending their destination. This could create a system like FireChat work in larger spaces too.
Until then, try for free FireChat app for your Android device via Google Play Store.
The application is just 2,8M in size and it requires Android 2.2 or up.


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