Saturday, 5 April 2014

Google Keep For Android Adds Optical Character Recognition, Restore Notes From Trash And More

Google Keep just received update bringing some cool new features.
Now we can add images, and Google will automatically perform Optical Character Recognition(OCR) and indexes the text.

Another new feature allows us to make a copy of a note.

Plus, if you click on the menu on 3-dot icon that includes a list you can change the settings of the list. New elements can be added to the list in the top or bottom and checked notes can be moved down. Changes automatically apply to other lists, but this option can be unchecked.
Often mistakenly we delete notes, but now Google Keep keeps items stored seven days in the trash, from where we can restore them.

You can download for free the update of the Google Keep for your Android device via Google Play Store.
The application requires Android 4.0 or newer.


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