Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Smart Driving Assistant Automatic Now Released For Android Device

Making the cars even more interconnected with our smartphones and always under control is not impossible and there are many integrated systems in modern vehicles that allow communication with smartphones. However now comes a new reality, which allows you to add a small accessory that connects to the On-board diagnostics-II port of the car and make your car smart. It is called Automatic, and in addition to the connection between the vehicle and the device allows you to have advanced control system and can help the driver on many occasions.
The application, in fact, offers a simple and immediate interface through which you can monitor fuel consumption, get tips and do points guide to improving our driving, check driving habits. Not only that, the Automatic always knows where we parked, it helps us in case of accidents automatically alerting the competent bodies with our position and more.
For the application to work you need to buy Automatic Link that will be linked with the application.

Automatic is available just in the U.S for now and it is priced at $ 99.95.
It is, however, interesting to see how the interconnection between different worlds is becoming increasingly important in our lives.

The application for your Android device can be downloaded from Google Play Store.
Your device must be running Android 4.0 or up.



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