Monday, 23 June 2014

Android Runtime to replace Dalvik in the next version of Android

Google is preparing a significant change for the next version of Android, with the prospect of making a noticeable performance increase in applications we use and extra battery autonomy.

These improvements will be felt including in current devices, once they get an update to the new version of Android.

Android applications will be passed through a program with the role of an interpreter, a program that allows executable code running safely and efficiently.

Davlik, the current program is responsible for running applications on smartphones and tablets from Android version 2.2 and being based on old technology, which is topped by requirements of actual applications.
The program developed as a replacement for Dalvik( the runtime that is based on current versions of Android)will be ART – Android Runtime.

Showed a few months ago and already presented in an experimental form on devices with Android 4.4, Android Runtime will become the default platform for running applications in Android 4.5.

The new Android Runtime will be more efficient in interpreting the executable code and will bring significant performance increase for all devices that go to the new version of Android.

In addition, efficient use of processor and memory means less energy consumption, increasing the battery life.
Live demonstrations and full details of the final version of ART we will have in a week at the Google I/O conference where is expected the revealing of the next version of Android.



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