Monday, 23 June 2014

Android Wear: All you need to know - Watch the Video

The launch of Android Wear is right around the corner, and with this occasion we want to better know what to expect from it.

The mobile platform from Google is called Android while the operating system optimized for wearable gadgets of the company is hiding behind the Android Wear title.

Google announced Android Wear project in March this year, the OS for wearable devices intended to provide ‘information that moves with you.’ The wearable operating system does not only show the time it also makes suggestions based on time and location into its context-sensitive data.

Because we did not have such a device, it is more than welcome a video that shows some details of the new system.

Timothy Jordan speaks in the video from below about these new devices, and Timothy is also encouraging developers at Google. Besides detailing a number of elements of the interface, Jordan explains also some choices that the Mountain View giant made in achieving the platform.

First, he draws our attention to the fact that it is not justified to have the clock icons like on the phone, especially because we interact with Android Wear using voice commands. Fundamentally, the entire platform is an extension of the functionality of Google Now.

It all starts with the command OK Google, and the cards on the smartphone, with details about the flight, the probable weather notifications or route are retrieved and displayed on the SmartWatch.

Plus we learn the options that developers will have when they start to create applications for this kind of devices.

In addition to notifications that we are informed about, there is an element of interactivity built in such a smart watch that allows us to reply to a message by voice commands.

In theory, things look very good, watch the video and tell us your opinion.


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