Wednesday, 5 November 2014

How to Update Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305 4G LTE with Android 4.4.4 XXUFNI3 KitKat Firmware

The Samsung Galaxy S3 (4G LTE) model number I9305 device can now be flashed with the new official Android 4.4.4 KitKat OS. This step by step guide shows how to manually flash the Android 4.4.4 KitKat (XXUFNI3) OS by using ODIN for Samsung Galaxy S3 device.
As you probably know that the new Android 4.4.4 XXUFNI3 KitKat update was firstly released such as an OTA update by Samsung for the 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S3 device. But, unfortunately the OTA update is rolled out in phases or gradually, so not all the Galaxy S3 devices received the automatically notification at the same time. Another thing that is important to be knew is that the OTA update can automatically installed only on locked (unrooted) smartphones, that means that if your device is an rooted device or has an custom ROM OS then you are not able to receive the new OTA update as an automatically notification. For this reason you should use a manually step by step guide to install the new Android 4.4.4 KitKat XXUFNI3 firmware by using ODIN app.

This step by step guide is provided specially to be used for both rooted and locked Android devices and it can be also used for installing the new stock rom on your 4G LTE Samsung Galaxy S3 I9305 device.
Odin software is a suitable flashing tool developed by Samsung and it is used for installing the stock Android OS. The ODIN app works only with Samsung branding tablets or phones.

On the other hand the warranty of the Samsung Galaxy S3 device will not get void by using this new XXUFNI3 OS. In addition, by using ODIN is safe and it can be used for fixing software related issues.

Before starting the installation process, is recommended to make a full backup to be sure that you won’t lose any personal data during or after the flashing process. So, ensure that you’ll save your contacts, call logs, texts, internet settings, images, videos, audio files, actual ROM, EFS folder. For making the backup you can use compatible applications from Google Play Store.

In addition, during the installation process a computer based on Windows is required and the Galaxy S3 device’s USB cable to be near of you. On the Windows computer is needed to be deactivated the security protections as programs such as antivirus, firewall, antimalware might interfere with the installation process. After that you have to enable USB debugging option on your SGS3 device from “menu – settings – developer options”.

Now, ensure that the device’s battery status is displaying more than 65% power left, if not the device can get a forced power of in the middle of the flashing process.

Note that this post is provided for 4G LTE model of Samsung Galaxy S3 device and the Android 4.4.4 KitKat XXUFNI3 was released by Samsung only for this device. Do not use the same for any other similar device, you can easily brick the same.

 How to Update Galaxy S3 I9305 4G LTE with Android 4.4.4 XXUFNI3 KitKat Firmware

  1. Download the Android 4.4.4 XXUFNI3 KitKat firmware file from here, and save it on your computer.
  2. Download ODIN and Samsung KIES software and save these files on the computer’s desktop.
  3. Now, unzip the ODIN software and install it.
  4. Unzip the downloaded firmware file and save it on the desktop.
  5. Now, install Samsung KIES app and use it for installing the suitable Galaxy S3 USB drivers on your PC.
  6. Open Odin on your computer.
  7. Power off your device.
  8. Enter download mode the Galaxy S3 device by pressing and keeping hold power, volume down, and home buttons in the same time.
  9. Now, by using the Galaxy S3 device’s USB cable connect the device via USB cable.
  10. On the ODIN software the “added” message will be showed and the ID:COM section will be colored yellow or blue.
  11. If the “added” message is not displayed you need reinstall the drivers and repeat the steps from above.
  12. Next, from the ODIN software select the “PA” option and then search and pick the downloaded file from your desktop.
  13. Do not make any other changes and click the “START” button from ODIN.
  14. The update operation will now start.
  15. Wait until the flashing process is done.
  16. In the end of the flashing process the “pass” message will be showed while the ID:COM section will turn green color.
If the device entering into a boot loop you need to enter the S3 device in recovery mode and from there select: “wipe data factory reset” and then “wipe cache partition” in the end process select “reboot system now”.



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