Tuesday, 12 April 2016

How To Add Alt Text To An Image On Twitter

An extensive volume of media is shared on Twitter day by day. It may not verge on matching Facebook as far as pictures shared yet pictures are in any case an extremely mainstream method for sharing substance. Twitter extended its picture sharing abilities by permitting clients to share up to four pictures on the double and notwithstanding giving them a chance to hunt down and add GIFs to a tweet from inside the versatile applications. The most recent change made for picture sharing on the stage is the capacity to add alt content to a picture when it's tweeted. The component is intended to help clients with visual hindrances comprehend pictures they run over in their courses of events. Obviously, individuals need to add an ALT content to a picture all together for anybody with a disability to exploit it. Here's the way you can empower and utilize the component.

Before you can begin including the ALT content, you need to empower this element. It is for cell phones just at present. Go to the Me tab and tap the Settings catch. In the activity menu, tap Settings and go to Display and Sound. Inside the Accessibility choice, turn on 'Create picture portrayals'.

twitter-display-sound twitter-alt-text-image
Now you’re ready to add ALT text to an image you’re tweeting. Compose a tweet and add an image to it. There will be an ‘Add description’ button on the image you add. Tap it and you can enter a description of the image up to 420 characters long. Once you’ve added the description, tap tweet and you’re done. twitter-alt-text twitter-image-alt-text
In order to ‘see’ the alt text, a user must have accessibility features on their phone turned on as that is what will read the text out loud to them and/or give them an option to read it.


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