Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Rent Profile UK's Online Landlord Profile Checking

David Munday was a college understudy when it happened. He was searching for a place to lease, and discovered one on Gumtree. Subsequent to review the property, David chose to move in, and exchanged cash for the store and first month's lease to the landowner.

On the day he was because of move in, the landowner was mysteriously absent. He had fled the property, bringing David's cash with him.

Successfully destitute, David needed to move in with his senior sibling Paul in London, and drive back to his college for the rest of his reviews.

It's a tragic story however one that is very normal. David, now 25, was one of eight understudies at the college conned by a similar trick, at lost more than £20,000 between them. Activity Fraud got 3,193 reports of rental misrepresentation in 2015, a figure the Local Government Association recommends speaks to only five percent of casualties as shame keeps most from announcing the wrongdoing. It assesses that £63 million is lost to such cons each year.

The two siblings from Oxford incubated an arrangement to keep others experiencing a similar trick. Paul, 35, was then head of record items at Betfair, caring for regions, for example, login and enlistment.

"When you join a site that way, there are quite a considerable measure of watches that go ahead out of sight," he says. "I think the vast majority have been through an inhabitant check, and we felt why isn't there a landowner check?"


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