Friday, 21 July 2017

Samsung Confirm Galaxy Note 8 Launch Date

Samsung appears to have addressed the biggest concern of the curved ‘Infinity Displays’ found on the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus in a tweak to the Galaxy Note 8 design. The leak shows a new screen for the Note 8, along with even smaller bezels.

Ice universe, which previously nailed the Galaxy S8 design in February, has issued an update on the famous phablet. Tweeting new renders which it describes as “Galaxy Note8 v2.0”, it claims Samsung has altered the smartphone’s display to make the bezels even narrower

The result is an alteration to the Infinity Display design seen in both the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus with their soft curved corners made notably sharper and edgier. If true (and Ice universe will point to its track record) then it would mean claimed press renders from SlashLeaks were made before the change.

The South Korean company has invited the world’s press to an event in New York City at 11am on August 23rd. Not only that, but we have an indication when the Note 8 will go on sale.

Samsung Mobile’s DJ Koh, speaking at a meet and greet with local journalists in Taiwan has confirmed that the Note 8 will launch in late August and go on sale in two waves, starting in September.


When Bugs Can Be Dangerous

There are times when you can forgive a smartphone for being a bit temperamental. There are times when it absolutely, positively, just has to work. One of those is when you have to make a call to the emergency services, which makes the latest issue with the OnePlus 5 disturbing. Some users are finding that their handsets reboot when they connect to 911 (in the US) or 999 (in the UK):

Coming to light on Reddit’s Android forum, the fault appears to be at the point of connection between the handset and the emergency services. This is the point where many smartphones will provide additional data (such as location) to the dispatch desk. There could be an issue with part of the code or it could be a completely separate issue.

Source: Forbes


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