Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Amazon Removes Locks Screen Ads From Phones

About two years ago, Amazon launched its Prime Exlusive program with discounted prices on smartphones for those who accepted lock screen ads and offers. These were rather unobtrusive and saved customers $50 to $150.

As from tomorrow, Amazon is evolving the program so that there will no longer be lock screen offers and ads as an option. Those with an Amazon Prime Exclusive phone will receive a free update, starting this week, that will remove existing lock screen offers and ads.

Amazon recognizes the customers rely on phone manufacturers lock screens for security such as facial recognition, as well as using the lock screen for personalization.

Amazon will still offer smartphones through the Prime Exclusive program with discounted prices for unlocked phones. Prime members will still enjoy a single sign-on experience, have access to pre-installed Amazon apps and services, take advantage of free unlimited photo storage through Prime Photos, and more.

There are currently some solid smartphone options available on the Prime Exclusive Phones site, and these prices will change tomorrow.

For instance, the LG G6+ is currently priced at $651.56 for the version without ads, while the offers and ads model is just $499.99. Amazon confirmed that it will continue offering discounted prices on certain unlocked Android phones, paired with easy access to Prime benefits for Prime members. It will still offer a discount off of the list price, increasing the price of every current Prime Exclusive Phone in the portfolio by $20. That should make the LG G6+ only $519.99, which is still a great value for this smartphone.

Source: zdnet


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