Friday, 9 February 2018

Xiaomi Mi7 With 8GB Ram

The Xiaomi Mi7 is expected to be unveiled in MWC 2018 though it is possible that the Mi MIX 2s is showcased in place of the former. A recently leaked screenshot of the phone shows that it will have 8GB of RAM and a massive 4,480mAh battery. This will be a monumental upgrade from the Mi6, which features 4 or 6GB RAM and a 3,350mAh cell.

According to more leaked information, the phone will be powered by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845. A dual-camera setup (16MP and 16MP) will be seen on the phone as well, with the screen being a 5.6-inch full HD+ resolution display. The storage in the image can be seen as 128GB but it is more than possible that we see a 256GB variant being released too.

The leaked screenshot also shows that the interface vision is MIUI 8.1 30x, which indicates that the build is from January 30 is not an old UI version. Xiaomi updated 40 of its devices, including some 5-year old Mi phones to MIUI 9, so it won’t make sense for Mi7 to run on an older UI version.

The Xiaomi Mi7 could also be the first phone from the company to sport wireless charging and is rocking a near bezel-less design. This is going to be an impressive-looking and feeling phone and before we forget, it could come with a very affordable price tag.


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